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Dominic Brogsdale is a busy man. He works as a security officer, a security rover who travels to different sites, also as a personal trainer at Powerhouse Gym in Columbus, Ohio. For leisure, he enjoys reading, writing, anything intellectual, weightlifting, going to the movies, and watching basketball with his friends, particularly because his cousin is NBA player Gary Trent, Jr.

Dominic’s interest in basketball led to his becoming a personal trainer: he wanted to build up his leg strength to dunk those basketballs. Eventually, he was able to jump high enough to almost touch the hoop with his head, but his interest diverged from sinking balls into hoops to human anatomy. The way the human physique is built fascinates him, especially when time and effort are devoted to making it the best it can be.

That focus on personal training—improvement—grew into a desire to help people become the best versions of themselves, which includes a healing aspect. He loves feeing good about himself and confidence weightlifting brings, not a false sense of confidence, but a good feeling overall because strength training incorporates good eating and good health. He believes this translates to the development of a good mind.

Dominic began writing for two main reasons: first, he loves writing and poetry, and second, he wanted to speak up for those unable to articulate their pain and whose voices go unheard. Dominic gives voice to the pain, suffering, misery, hopelessness, and sadness of those people victimized by toxic subcultures and society’s blind eye. In his urban fiction, he connects himself and his readers to the people living in impoverished circumstances and shows them what that world is actually like, based on his personal experience and the experiences of those close to him.