Leo Boateng


Leo Boateng is a voice artist and media specialist based in Los Angeles, CA. He has a background as an audio production & digital technology professional including filming, producing, mixing, and editing music and video to an industry standard. His current focus is to help businesses and creators by taking away the stress of having to deal with the technicalities that come with creating and producing.


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For contact email: leo@prosvoice.com

Kyiana Williams


Kyiana Williams is a producer, a scriptwriter, and a performer. She graduated from NYU Tisch with a BFA honors in dramatic writing. She’s produced and performed in NYC, Italy, and China. Taking on a new role, Kyiana has founded a tech start up built for creatives in Film, TV, and Theatre called entertwine. Her passions lie with carving out paths for creatives to “make it” in the entertainment industry.


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For contact email: Someone@entertwine.us